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Mansoura Poultry Company

We have 39 years of experience globally, putting our values to action as we strive to fulfill Our Vision and Our Values of responsible food and agriculture.

Mansoura Poultry Company is an Egyptian joint stock company - established on April 1983 in accordance with Law 159 of 1981.
The company was listed on the stock exchange in February 1995
We are lucky to have smart and impulsive people on board who are ambitious and determined in accomplish the goals, by going through the learning curve, building professional team relationships that lead towards fulfilling the customer satisfaction, company financial grows and success in the road map.
The nominal value of the share is 20 piasters
Number of Listed Shares 487,222,100
The issued and paid-up capital is 97.444,420 EGP
Beginning of the fiscal year January 1 of each year
PKF Auditor Rashid, Badr & Co.

Meet our

Board of Directors

As MPCO added more structure with new management and took on more responsibility,
we appreciate the willingness of our Board Members to serve and look forward to their leadership
in our mission to protect, advance and promote the company growth and production quality of outcome.

  • Islam Mohammed Najib Hussein
  • Mostafa Fouad Zaki Mohamed El Shebiny
    Board Member
  • Mohammed Mahfouz Farid Mohammed
    Board Member
  • Tarek AbdelRazeq Mohammed Abdul Ghani
    Board Member & Managing Director
  • Wael Kamel Muhammad Dirham
    Board Member
  • Khaled Abdel-Razek Mohamed Abdel-Ghany
    Board Member
  • Hanan Muhammad Muhammad Hassan Omran
    Board Member
  • Maha Marwan Abdullah Arafa
    Board Member
  • Ali Nashy Ali Hassan
    Board Member
  • Magdy Al-Hadidi Abdel Hamid Al-Manzalawy
    Board Member


We are in business to work in the best interests of all our stakeholders involved, Modernizing and developing the production and overall work flow, entering global competition with the today challenge to become one of leading companies in national and international markets, will lead MPCO achieving comprehensive and sustainable company development, financial stability and returns to the country through the use of Egyptian materials, as well as local and international customers satisfactory.


Innovation – Process & Product Quality
Honesty, Integrity, & Ethics
Persistency in Empowerment with Accountability
Customer Satisfaction


To be the most integrated company in the field of poultry industry in terms of size, revenue and quality. To create a viable and sustainable industry contributing to economic growth and development, employment and food security, based on successful producers adhering to environmental and ethical production norms, generating sustainable profits. To take a distinct and reputable position in the local and international markets.